Juice Plus+ Mocha Fat Bombs!

Is Juice Plus+ Complete keto-friendly? Well... kind of. 😁

Complete has 10g net carbs per serving. If you're on a keto plan that has you staying below 20g per day, a big ol' Juice Plus smoothie might not be your best friend. But if you are following a more liberal plan with a higher carb allowance (such as this plant-heavy keto program), you can reap the benefits of Complete shakes without hesitation. Each full serving of Complete contains 13g of plant based protein and 8g of fiber. Getting enough fiber on a keto diet can be difficult so every little bit helps!

Using it in recipes is a great way to incorporate it into your diet without going overboard. I like to add a tablespoon to my bulletproof coffee for a hint of sweetness and cocoa flavor. I add a little Complete whenever I have some wiggle room in my carb budget. It's delicious, healthy, and really curbs a sweet tooth! It complements a keto diet in that they both go a long way to reduce cravings, especially for carb-heavy foods, including sweets.

So here is a great little low carb treat to keep you on track!

I use CarbManager as my food journal. You can find me there as juneyjo75. It's a great resource to log all your macros and calories with graphics that help you stay on track. It helped me figure out the nutritional info in these little puppies. 👍

Let me know if you try these Juice Plus+ Mocha Fat Bombs! I'd love to see your pictures and hear what you think of them!

If you need to order Juice Plus+ Complete, hop on over to my website: jmellas-short.juiceplus.com.